Monday, 12 September 2016

Autumn favourites

Hey strangers!! Or rather, I've been the stranger lately. I had to share my latest video with you today before I let it go nearly a whole month without posting anything here. I'm very sorry guys. I only just managed to get a few videos filmed over the weekend, but now that I'm finally a bit more settled back in to college I am doing up a blogging schedule, and hoping I can stick as closely to it as possible.

I've spent this evening planning some exciting DIYs and purchasing some supplies online, I have a few videos planned for the next few weeks too, and I'm hoping to get some outfits and styling posts up here too. I've basically spent the last month planning new content and new ideas, so now it's time to put it all into action. So bare with me if you can :) 

Anyway, here's my latest video. The monthly installment of the 10 things I'm loving (with a few extras added in this time). Hope you enjoy xx

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

My updated Autumn Capsule Wardrobe video has just gone live this morning. It's a total of 34 pieces, which leaves me with a little bit of room to add a few more pieces if I need to, perhaps when the weather gets a bit colder. I also didn't include footwear this time so expect to see an updated shoe collection or something similar in the coming weeks.

If you're looking to start your very own capsule wardrobe why not check out some of my previous videos like HOW TO BUILD A CAPSULE WARDROBE and my first CAPSULE WARDROBE video.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Trending : The Denim Jacket

With the last of the music festivals coming up (roll on Electric Picnic!!) and the weather getting a little bit cooler, it's time to turn your attention to The Denim Jacket - but this season's denim jacket has a whole new look. Think embellishments, patches, badges and lots of embroidery. I've picked these three jackets from DressFo because they're super affordable (all under €35) so if you're looking to dabble in the trend, you don't need to break the bank.

They're very easy to style, my favourite way being with a pair of black jeans and a simple tee, or over a summer dress. White dresses always look especially good with blue denim.


Friday, 5 August 2016

My go-to Outfit

We all have that one outfit that, when we're in a rush in the morning or just can't seem to find anything at all to wear, we revert back to again and again. This is my kind of go-to look for a typical day of walking around town or heading to college. It's comfy (which is key for me, I get grumpy in an uncomfortable outfit), it's chic and it's in everybody's wardrobe. If you don't have all of these pieces, fear not, you can switch up the rucksack for a handbag, the baseball cap for a beanie, the biker jacket for a bomber jacket etc etc.
My go-to Outfit

Biker Jacket: This is my all-year-rounder type of jacket, except maybe that one week of the year when the sun shines in Ireland. But generally, it's my first port of call when I need to wear any kind of jacket. It's great for warmth, and for keeping the rain off. I'm loving all the different colours available at the moment (we've all see the Zara ones) and this pink shade is just beaut! It's also great for brightening up an all black outfit. 

Stripe Top: In the words of Chandler Bing, ''Could striped tops BE anymore versatile?''. We all have them, in a range of styles from tshirt to jumpers, but my go-to this time of the year is a long sleeved style. I need the warmth and they're a great layering piece.

Skinny Jeans: Black or blue, it doesn't matter, but skinny jeans are still, by far, the most versatile jeans. They're such a throw on kind of piece and almost too easy to style. I do like a good black jeans during the Autumn/Winter months though, and the rips add more interest.

Ankle Boot: We all know the important of a good ankle boot, and black it generally the most versatile. These ones with the low heel are great, much like my boohoo boots that I wear all the time, because if you're going to be doing any amount of walking it's necessary to think about comfort. But they still look super chic so you don't have to compromise. 

Baseball cap: When it gets a bit colder and closer to winter I would probably switch this up for a beanie, but at the moment I just need something to keep the rain off. It also adds a little something extra to the look as a whole.

Rucksack: 90% of the time I carry a rucksack when I'm out and about. It's the handiest thing if you're going to be picking up bits and pieces in town, if you need to bring anything out with you (like a camera) or if you need to do a quick food shop. I also used it all year last year for college so now that it's a bit worse for wear I'll be looking for a new one this September.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

10 Favourite Pieces in my Closet

While putting together my new Autumn Capsule Wardrobe (video up soon - keep an eye out) I decided to put together a post on my 10 favourite pieces, because it's good to fall back in love with what you have instead of always buying new. New pieces are just a fleeting pleasure, whereas gathering up the pieces you really love will be much more worthwhile and lasting. It's all in a bid to buy less and wear more of what I already own.

KICKFLARE JEANS: These are only like the coolest jeans in the world!! I wear them a lot with high-tops too and they look great dressed down. They're very comfy, I think I bought them an inch bigger than my actual waist size, so I could actually lounge around in these babies. I much prefer these to full length flares now because I find it quite hard to pair them(full length) with shoes and not look like something out of a Western. It's also nice to actually see your shoes too.

WHITE SHIRT: This has been the perfect extra layer for the very mild weather we've been having lately, and I would say it will be an equally good extra layer for Autumn, perhaps under a leather jacket or a jumper. It's very soft too which is a nice change to the typical crisp white shirt. 

CHECK SHIRT: I bet everyone I know is sick of me wearing this shirt but i just can't stop becasue apart from the fact that it's so easy to throw on with jeans and trainers, it's SO comfy.I also wear it a lot with just black leggings and some high-tops and it's the perfect for when I'm having a fat day/ food baby / I just don't care kinda day. I got it in the Zara sales last Christmas so although it was very inexpensive it's still good enough quality to last for another few years.

T-BAR CROP TOP: This top is just the coolest thing I've worn in a long time, and whenever I wear it I get compliments. Chokers are very in at the minute and this top is a great way to incorporate that trend into your wardrobe. I feel really bad-ass when I wear this so this one will be sticking around for a while.

FLARED LEGGINGS: I only recently started wearing these again, but I've already fallen back in love. I can't remember why I stopped wearing them in the first place although I do think they are a little bit tight on me so that might be why. But they're so easy to wear and although they're tight they're still very comfy. These would look equally as great with a big oversized jumper for Autumn.

KHAKI JUMPER: I bought this towards the end of Spring, so I haven't fully got the wear out of it yet, but I am so excited to pull this out again for Autumn. I bought it 2 sizes too big but I love the oversized fit of it. It was just what I was looking for. 

LEOPARD BIKER JACKET: Ahh this is the jacket of dreams.. I love my plain black biker jacket, but this is just a huge step up. Again, like I've said many times, leopard is like a basic for me, so it goes with almost everything and can really jazz up an outfit. I think when style in a print-clash or colour-clash look it can look really great. It was another bargain too at about twenty quid on ASOS.

DUNGAREES: Theses just make me feel really happy and fun when I wear them. I guess it's because they kind of remind me of the ones I wore as a kid. But they're really versatile and are a great thrower-oner piece.

PINK TSHIRT: This is the most flattering shade of pink I think I have ever worn, and for €6 this tee was a major Penneys bargain. It really flatters my new glasses too which are a similar pinky shade and yeh.. I just really love it. It's a great basic.

CAMI DRESS: I have this dress about 2 years I think,a dn it only cost me €5 in the Topshop sale, but I've worn it so many times now that it's cost per wear has to be about 1c by now. It does tend to come out more in AW now though when I can layer a polo neck under it and pair it with a biker jacket.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

AW16 Trend Report

It's officially Autumn so it's time to run through some of AW's best trends, so I've scoured the internet to find my favourite images from the catwalk shows and hopefully ones you'll like too. Luckily, the Autumn trends aren't too different from what we've all been wearing through Summer, they just have a few little updates like detailing and styling.


We can all relax, as this seasons most popular jacket is here to stay, but in even more interesting fabrics and styles. Think richer autumn tones, more textures and lots of great detailing. 


Luckily you can hang on to your summer cami dresses, but for an AW spin, layer up with t-shirts or polo necks underneath, and a few extra layers on top.


Head-to-toe colour was big on the AW catwalks, ranging from pastels and brights to more neutral hues. Just pick your most popular colour in your wardrobe and style up some pieces together. Remember, head-to-toe black is always an option.


No better way to add some va-va-volume to your outfit than with a few ruffles or layers, and these tiered skirts are very big for this season (excuse the pun). If they're a bit too on the pretty/girly side for you, they certainly would be for me, just team them with some ankle boots to toughen up the look.


Monday, 1 August 2016

DIY Bucket Bag

I've been lusting after a bucket bag for about a year now, and never having found the perfect one at a price I could afford, I started looking into making my own. I had seen a few other DIY tutorials on these and figured I need to take a chance at making my own. It's a very 'in' bag so I guessed now was the time to try it. I stumbled across the perfect pink faux leather in hickeys last week so I bought just half a metre and put this on my to-do list. And it finally got done.


If you're looking to try your hand at making yourself a handbag, a bucket bag is the place to start. I would imagine it's the easiest to put together as you can easily make your own pattern and the sewing process is quite quick and uncomplicated. So let's go.

1/2 metre of fabric
1/2 metre of lining fabric
Sewing Machine
8 eyelets and tool
Measuring tape

clockwise r-l : circle of fabric for base // 3'' piece for strap // tie for bag // eyelets, thread, tape measure // fabric scissors // large rectangle of fabric for sides of bag


Using whatever circular thing you have, trace around it with a pencil on the underside of the fabric. Cut it out.

To create the sides of the bag you will need a long rectangular piece of fabric. To get the measurements for this you will need to measure the circumference of the circular base you just cut. This will be the measurement for the long side of the rectangle. The short side is whatever height you want your bag to be (plus 1cm seam allowance for turning down the edges).

Pin the two short ends of the main rectangle together and sew a straight line from top to bottom.

Pin the base the the now tubular body of the bag. Use as many pins as you have as this will ensure it's easier to sew. Take your time when sewing this as you'll want to get it right. Repeat this whole process to create the lining of the bag.


Once the lining is also sewn up, pop it inside your bag, making sure the seams aren't visible inside the bag. You may want to trim the lining a little bit shorted than the sides of the bag, as this will make it easier to turn down the edges of the bag. Turn them down 1cm and pin all along it. Don't worry too much about damaging the fabric as you will be sewing over it anyway.

I also added reinforcement to the bottom of the bag, between the lining and the outer fabric. To do this you'll need to cut a circle of cardboard, using the same template as you did for the base, and then carefully cut about 1cm off around the edges so it will fit the size of the base now. You'll also want to stick this down to hold it in place so you can glue it or use double sided tape. Whatever works for you. It will ensure the bag keeps it's shape when there's something inside it.


To make the string that will tie the bag shut, cut about a 1.5 - 2 inch strip of fabric, about a metre long. fold the sides of the fabric in, like the first picture, and then fold that in half, like the 2nd picture. Sew a line of stitching down the open side of this, and you'll have your tie for your bag. This is also how you'll make the strap.


To make sure the eyelets are inserted evenly, fold the bag in half ensuring the seam is in the centre, and then fold in the two sides, like the picture above. Clip this in place while you work.

Using the measuring tape, mark where you want your holes to go, making sure they're all equal distance from the side and the top. mark two with a pencil, and with a sharp object, press into the pencil marks to mark through all the fabric.

Cut a small hole to place the eyelet into. Make sure it's slightly smaller than the eyelet and it's a snug fit. Use the instructions of your eyelet set or tool to insert the eyelets. I used the instructions I had, the tool that came with the eyelets and a hammer. 


using the same method as for the tie, take a piece of fabric 4 times thicker than your want your strap to be. Fold it in half, and half again, like before, and sew down one side. I added an extra line of stitching down the other side, and then down the center, just for some detail.

To attach the strap, fold in about 1cm of the end of the strap and pin it onto the side of the bag. Make sure it's perfectly in line with the other side of the strap. Pin the strap in place and sew around the strap in a square/rectangular motion, repeating it twice for extra security.



Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hats off to hats

This quick little OOTD wasn't even going to be featured on the blog. It was just a basic outfit I threw on to go out Pokemon hunting with my boyfriend. Beforehand though, I stopped in Penneys, as you do, and spotted this hat for €1. I bought it, and popped it on straight away, and it made for a much more interesting outfit. So we took a few snaps. It's funny how one accessory can make such a difference to a look but I guess it kind of pulls the whole look together and gives it that effortlessly cool vibe, because the rest of the outfit was a bit effortless.

Hats are a great accessory for Autumn, especially when the weather starts getting a bit chillier and drizzlier (is that a word?). Hats are amazing for keeping a bit of rain off your face and keeping your makeup on, and for glasses wearers, you'll know how much of a pain rain can be, and they're great for keeping glasses dry too. And everyone knows they're great for a bad hair day. Oh, and did I mention they just look super cool?! My favourite style is usually a fedora, I think I own two, but I'm really loving this particular style too. I'm not sure what the style is called, but I'm diggin' it! I'm looking forward to styling it up in different ways, maybe with a dress and boots for a bit of a boho look. 

shirt c/o Aeropostale // cami c/o Aeropostale // Flares PLT // Runners, Hat & Bag Penneys // Glasses c/o Glasseshop

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