Sunday, 4 December 2016

A Minimal Christmas Wishlist

I wasn't planning on doing any kind of Christmas Wishlists or Christmas hauls this year because I want to celebrate Christmas with less of a materialistic approach this year. If you've followed my Youtube Channel for the last few months or the last year or so you'll have seen that I've been living with a Capsule Wardrobe, made up of a select number of pieces. I started this because I thought it was a cool idea and seemed to make sense when I always found myself thinking 'I have nothing to wear' while my wardrobe burst at the seams. But I continued with it because I watched some amazing documentaries such as The True Cost on Netflix, which details the true cost of all our buying of new clothes every week/month/year. If you're into a bit more of an eco or sustainable life, it's well worth a watch. After that I just couldn't justify my purchases like I used to. I started to reduce the amount of spending and hoarding of things and have been working to detach myself from my material possessions, because I can definitely say I often thought ''If I can buy this I'll be happy''... No!

So this year for Christmas I have a tiny wishlist, of some pieces that I either need or will be very useful to me, or that will actually bring my a little bit of joy (I also read Marie Condo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up). Such as a new perfume (I've run out of all my other ones all at once it seems), a new liquid liner (Kat Von D's range is mostly vegan and cruelty free), a salt lamp, a new lens for my camera (so I can take some more beautiful photos for my blog in the new year and get that extra bit of depth-of-field), EsteƩ Lalonde's new book (becasue she is a truly amazing woman, and it's one of those coffee table books you'll have forever), a cosy grey knitted jumper (becasue I live in Ireland and it's always cold, and it's made by my favourite Youtuber Samantha Maria AND it's made in the UK), and a MAC red lipstick (because I love a red lip and want one that will stay on).

Lastly, all I want for Christmas is to get time off work to go home and see my newborn nephew, my 7 month old niece who I've only ever seen twice and all the rest of my amazing family and friends. And for my boyfriend to come home from Nepal because it's been a while since I saw him too.

If you guys were to think about what you reeeeally wanted this Christmas, what would it be? Le me know in the comments xxxx

Monday, 14 November 2016

How to do Autumn Layering

Autumn. It's a confusing season. One day it's so cold your fingers feel like they might fall off, and the next day your sweltering in your knitwear. It can be hard to dress appropriately these days in order to be warm/cool enough. My favourite way to prepare for days like these is through layers. Lot and lots of layers. If it's cold outside, you're sorted. And if it's a little milder, you can remove a layer or two. Here's a few of my top tips & trends when mixing different layers.

Cami dresses/tops and blouses: It's a massive trend at the moment, but it's also a very practical way to wear your favourite, more lightweight pieces in the cooler months. 

Skinny Jeans: In particular ripped skinny jeans, look great layered under longer tops or dresses. I've worn this particular pair under a knee length cami dress and becasue they're so fitted they look really great. They're also warmer than tights or leggings, and when worn with shorter tops, they keep the booty covered (where leggings fail).

Blanket scarf/cape: Whoever invented this blanket that you can wear outside, in public, and it's classed as actual clothing is a genius. It might be a bit of a Marmite trend but I personally love it, due to the comfort and warmth factor. I love wearing this to University and sitting at my desk wrapped up in it. It can be worn on it's own over your outfit, or you can layer it over your coat too (for those extra chilly days). Just remember to keep the underneath coat that bit shorted than the cape to keep the proportions right.

And also remember to have fun with all your different layers, becasue at the end of the day, that is what fashion is all about.


Monday, 7 November 2016

Frequent Flyer

Today's look is going up a little later than I had planned as I was waiting on some of the pieces to be delivered, but I thought I'd still pop it up. As you can probably tell this sweater is a bit Halloweeny themed but it only arrived a few days ago. Although I think it would be a really cute sweater for travelling (especially flying somewhere) as it's very comfy and cosy. I wore this outfit yesterday when I accompanied my boyfriend to the airport and I did think it would be a great outfit for the next time I'll be flying somewhere. I was kindly gifted this piece from RoseGal who had some great Halloween pieces, but have some equally great Christmas themed sweaters and other pieces if you wanted to check tho out here.

This bag has to be one of my favourite I've picked up in a while. I have been looking out for a nice red handbag for ages now. It's a great colour to elevate any look and add that extra pop of colour. Red would be one of my Capsule Wardrobe colours especially for shoes and accessories. I love the whole style of this bag and the closure is also very chic. I had thought it would be bigger when I saw it online but I actually love the compact size because it's perfect for my wallet, my phone and my camera.

RoseGal sweatshirt* // Thrifted trench coat (similar) // PLT flared leggings // Penneys shoes // RoseGal bag* // GlassesShop glasses*


Thursday, 27 October 2016

4 ways to wear Cami/Slip Dresses

Cami dresses are here to stay for the AW but the key is to layer, layer, layer so that you can avoid the winter chill. I collected quite a few cami/slip dresses over summer, from summer sales to vintage shopping, so I decided to style each of them for you all, so I can share with you some of my favourite ways to style them for the colder months.

This longer length cami dress is very appropriate for more dressy occasions as it comes to a nice midi length. I teamed it with a frill blouse as this top is all about the sleeves anyway so it's a great way to style ruffled sleeves. It's also quite a sheer top so layering it under a dress is the perfect way to cover up. The metallic bag and minimal heels complete the effortless. classy look.

H&M dress & blouse // River Island clutch // GoJane heels

Rose print is absolutely MASSIVE for this season and my favourite way to style it is with a stripe. A stripe is a great basic print if your looking to do a print clash (it also works great with leopard print). The knitted polo neck will also add a great layer of warmth. Keeps the rest of the look simple with a black bag and black boots.

Vintage dress // Primark polo neck // Boohoo boots // Thrifted bag

I have another black cami dress. This one is a bit shorter, more of a mini style I guess, and the lace trim adds some nice interest and texture. So I chose to keep this look simple too by adding a plain grey jumper underneath, a classic black handbag and then a statement print boot. Snake print is hot right now, if you didn't notice!

Topshop dress // H&M jumper // F&F bag // Zara boots

And for a more casual take on the slip dress, I paired it with a basic black tee, some trainers and a rucksack. A pretty easy throw on kind of look. A biker jacket would also complete this look very nicely.

Vintage dress // Primark tee, rucksack & runners


Sunday, 23 October 2016

1 PIECE 4 WAYS - Rose Print Dress

I've popped another 1 PIECE 4 WAYS video up on my Youtube Channel today. I filmed it quite differently to last week's so do let me know which you prefer. And let me know which outfit was your favourite.xx


Sunday, 16 October 2016

1 Piece 4 Ways - The Frilled Blouse

I'm bringing back my '1 Piece 4 Ways' type of styling videos on my Youtube Channel, but I thought I'd pop this collage-y type of style post here too, so for those of you who'd rather look at that, here it is. But for those of you who like to watch the videos and see me talk through the looks, I've popped the video below too. Let me know which style of post you prefer or if you like both :) x


Friday, 14 October 2016

AW15 Essentials & Trends

It's all about making a statement this season, and the best way, I think,  to do that is through your accessories and outerwear. They're much easier to style with your more basic pieces or Capsule Wardrobe pieces to look bang on trend, without spending a tonne of money. Shoes and Outerwear are great ways for AW to update your looks, plus it's also key in Irish/British Winter weather to have good shoes and coats to keep you warm and dry. Here are some of my absolute favourite trends and pieces for this season.

Flared sleeves: What's not to love? They keeps your hands and wrists extra snug and warm, and hey instantly add a cool 70's/chic vibe to any look. This jumper looks like the perfect mix of cosy, comfy and stylish.

Embroidered Bomber Jacket: Even plain bomber jacket have been a huge trend, but if you can tick two trends at one and get an embroidered number, you are winning! This also ticks another box being a faux leather effect so its kind of like your perfect (faux) leather jacket for AW.

Statement Boots: I have had a pair of leopard print boots on my wishlist for the longest time and these are some of the nicest I've seen. Inspired by Alexander Wang with the little cut out detail on the heel, I think these would really transform any look. You can also opt for embroidered boots, snakeskin, velvet, silver.. There are a lot of boot trends going around at the moment, just make sure they make a statement and stand out.

Crossbody Bag: The easiest bag in the world to wear is a crossbody. I'm always afraid that somebody will just run off with my handbag so it's much nicer to wear it all safe and secure over your body. This one has a nice mix of AW colours too, so it adds a little pop to an outfit.

Loafers: And the other shoe of the moment has to be the loafer. Inspired by the many Gucci beauties that have been gracing the catwalks and Instagram. These ones are nice in the sense that they're not just an exact copy of the Gucci ones, and the big buckle adds a cool androgynous look.

What are your favourite trends for this season and what are your AW essentials?? Let me know :)


Thursday, 13 October 2016

DIY Miu Miu Inspired Lace-up Flats

Flats have seen so many updates these pasts few months/seasons and I'm getting really into them. From loafers to lace-ups, I've started collecting them all. Inspired by the most beautiful Miu Miu flats (if you haven't seen them, this is them) I decided to upcycle my own flats into something a little bit more interesting and original. So if you fancy having your own unique pair, keep on reading.

You will need:
Pair of flats
2m Plaid ribbon or trim
Fabric/Super glue
Thread and needle

Cut the ribbon in half, 2 x 1 metre pieces, and cut about 2 inches of each piece. These will make the loops that will be attached to the shoes.

Fold the loops in half and zigzag stitch the edges together to really secure them. Turn them inside out so that the stitching is inside the loop.

Glue or stitch (or both) the loops to the back of the flats. When they're fully secure and dry loop the long piece of ribbon through the loop, and secure with one knot to keep it in place. 

Lace them up and away you go!! :)


Saturday, 8 October 2016

DIY Embroidered Jeans

Embroidered jeans have been such a massive trend for the past few months, and I've been oogling over so many pairs on the high street, on other bloggers and in magazines. I figured it was about time I made my own. I don't see the point in forking out fifty quid for a brand new pair of jeans when you probably have an oldish pair lying around in need of a refresh, and you can pick up iron on patches for a couple of euros/pounds/dollars.. I bought mine on AliExpress and I think for all 6 patches it came to just under €3. So have a bit of fun with your own pair of embroidered jeans, and rejoice in the fact that nobody will have a pair like yours.

You will need:
A pair of jeans
Selection of iron on patches
Needle and matching threads

Lay out the patches and decide where you want to place them.

Iron the patches onto your jeans, being sure not to burn or melt the patches. Place a light pieces of cotton over the patches as you iron. I would say hold the iron on the patches for 30-40 seconds at a time.

If your patches are the highest quality, you may want to sew them on a little bit too, if you plan on washing your jeans and want the patches to last. It's a little bit tedious but it's well worth it in the long run.


This is another huge trend at the moment so I figured I'd add in another element to the jeans. To create the stepped raw hem effect, you first want to cut a slit in either side of the leg, about 2 inches up. Cut the front 'flap' off the jeans.

Cut the stitched hem off the back of the jeans, and you'll be left with a shorter front hem, and longer back hem.

Fray the hems as much as you want by pulling a few (or a lot) of the threads loose. They'll also fray more as you wear them and wash them.

Here's a link to the patches I bought if you're looking for some > smaller roses , bigger rose


Monday, 3 October 2016

Capsule Wardrobe Additions

I've just uploaded a new Capsule Wardrobe video sharing some new additions. I am trying to incorporate a little bit more colour into my wardrobe this season so I've chosen a few nice pieces like dresses and jumpers. Take a peek :)
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